Top 5 Things Every Stoner Requirements To Have

A lot of marijuana enthusiasts prefer buying their edibles from weed stores or professional bakers. This is because they would rather pay a decent amount of money for excellent edibles rather than waste a good amount of weed on an unsuccessful batch of weed brownies. While most stoners have attempted to bake their own edibles, only a percentage of them would say that their edibles were as potent and delicious as the ones bought in weed dispensaries. While some marijuana smokers have had bad experiences when cooking edibles, writing off baking edibles forever isn’t the right route to take. Instead, stoners can try anew but this time keep the next 3 tips in mind.

Choose High Quality Ingredients

While most stoners will only focus on their edible baked good’s potency, it is important to remember that baked edibles should be both delicious and highly functional. In order to bake the best pot brownies ever, bakers should aim to purchase high quality ingredients for their batch of edibles. Bakers will benefit from choosing rich chocolates to incorporate into their tasty desserts.

Pick a Potent Strain of Weed

Different strains of pot have their own redeeming qualities, which can make choosing the right strain for a batch of edibles quite confusing. However, one should keep in mind that there is never a bad strain to use — so long as it is potent enough to get one high through smoking. There are two known types of weed: sativa and indica. While both strains can do wonders for a batch of edibles, sativa is better used for energetic highs while indica is better used for a comfortable night time buzz. Great weed types to bake with are sour diesel, lemon skunk, and bubba kush.

Cook Weed Before Baking It

Newbie bakers often fail at creating potent pot brownies because they don’t cook their weed before baking it. In order to make potent brownies do the following.

* Separate nugs from stems and then line them up on a baking sheet. The pieces of weed should be small but not grinded

* Preheat the oven to 240 degrees

* Place the weed into the oven and take it out get more info once it's green color turns a light brown - this generally takes half an hour

* Once the nugs have cooled down, place them into a food processor and grind them up until they are of a consistent matter

* Place grinded weed into a saucepan with sticks of butter, bring to a boil

* Wring out any chunks of weed and let the butter harden

Bakers should be able to find local weed stores by googling, “Dispensaries near me.”

Once one is located, you should buy a good amount of weed and ask workers how to properly dose a batch of weed brownies.

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